Jalgaon Ashram

Ashram was established by Guruji in the year 2010 to assist and provide a shelter to the needy lives.

Guruji has started various initiatives like Gau Seva, Bhakt Nivas, Annadan, Vridhashram, Gurukul and various other Charitable activities. Gau Seva was started by Guruji even before the construction of the ashram had begun.

Along with Ashram construction, Bhakt Niwas and Guru Niwas was constructed within few months. Gau Shala contains many Sheds, Gavan, Gaudam for storing Gau-Chara and Jal – kund etc. In Gau Shala upto 300 cows can live comfortably. Bhakt Niwas has been constructed for the visitors coming from all over the Country where ashram provides them with all the basic amenities and treatment .

In the year 2013, Vridha Ashram was started for the old age people, where they are being provided with all the important amenities and required facilities by Guruji. Other than these facilites, Ashram also provides Spiritual activities like Yagya Shala, Satsang hall, Annadan Seva etc.ै |


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